How To Make Adequate Cleaning A Part Of Your Company Culture

How To Make Adequate Cleaning A Part Of Your Company Culture

Clearly, numerous factors act as determinants of a company’s image and reputation in the eyes of its employees and society at large. Many businesses fail to acknowledge that information and awareness have considerably changed the business realm. People nowadays have become more enlightened and understand their rights in a workspace. Hence, if a company decides to act ignorant and pay minimal attention to employee health and safety, its demise is inevitable.

On the other hand, the smarter businesses realise the importance of the matter swiftly and are seen spending generously on employee well-being. These companies invest an ample amount of time and money in brainstorming the best cleaning and employee health policies, designing appropriate cleaning schedules and techniques, and selecting only the best cleaning products. This endeavour makes them stand out amongst their competitors and build a distinct image as a responsible employer.

The thing is, businesses should understand that the era in which employees quietly underwent everything an employer imposed on them is gone. Today, employee health and safety is regulated by government authorities like the Canadian Centre For Occupational Health And Safety.

Nevertheless, we do not want to imply that you should only spend on adequate cleaning just because the matter is monitored by the government now. What we mean is that it is about time businesses wholeheartedly acknowledge the rights of their employees and incorporate adequate cleanliness of the workspace as part of their company culture.

Indeed, the above will be a worthwhile investment and will pay off well.

As providers of the best cleaning products in Edmonton and its surrounding areas, we shall use this blog to educate our readers about how to incorporate workspace cleanliness as a part of their company culture.

The Importance Of Incorporating Cleanliness In A Company’s Culture

Workspace cleanliness is now an obligation rather than a necessity. However, firms do not wholeheartedly invest in it. But you will be surprised to learn that investing in cleanliness can pay off in ways you won’t have even imagined.

Here is why you should invest in workspace cleanliness:

  1. It raises employee morale as the workforce perceives an employer to be compassionate towards their well-being.
  2. The increased employee morale, in turn, increases productivity and loyalty.
  3. Satisfied employees act as advocates for a company and boost a company’s reputation in society.
  4. Adequate adherence to occupational safety regulations diminishes the risks of litigations, penalties or any such losses.
  5. Adequate cleaning preserves the useful life of your machinery and equipment. Hence, a company saves a lot on maintenance, repair, and replacement.
  6. All these, in combination, create a positive image for the company which appeals to both new and existing customers. Consequently, the company enjoys an unbreakable chain of loyal customers.

Steps To Incorporate Workspace Cleanliness In Company Culture

1. Raise Awareness Amongst Employees Regarding The Subject

Although every human understands the importance of good hygiene, we rarely practice it unless something or someone pushes us to do so. Hence, the first step is to show your employees how vital workspace cleanliness is for them. Doing so will not only educate your employees about the subject but also make them realise that you care for them.

2. Set A Good Example

Encouraging and thoughtful words are of no use if their manifestation is not evident. Employees usually follow the example their seniors set for them. Hence, senior management should demonstrate that they are abiding by the health and hygiene policies so that employees are encouraged to follow in their footprints.

3. Determine The Cleaning Requirements Of Your Workspace

Now it is time for some action. The next step is to determine the nature of the activities that occur on your premises. This step is important so that the appropriate cleaning policies may be laid down. For example, if you are in a factory setting, you will regularly need deep cleaning sessions.

4. Invest In The Right Equipment And Cleaning Products

This step is important as it will directly affect your endeavour’s results. As per your cleaning needs identified above, purchase the right cleaning equipment and invest in high-quality cleaning products.

5. Delegate The Responsibility To A Dedicated Team

Hold different people accountable for the various tasks and activities in the cleaning process and ask them to report their progress regularly. The latter will completely rid your cleaning process of negligence and laziness.

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How To Handle Your Cleaning Chemicals After The Cleaning Session

How To Handle Your Cleaning Chemicals After The Cleaning Session

It takes years to erect an internally and externally reputed business but a slight slip up is all it takes to ruin it in a matter of minutes. One of the things that can lead to a business’s demise is a dirty and untidy work environment. Government authorities like the Canadian Centre For Occupational Health And Safety have strictly regulated the working conditions in every commercial setting across Canada.

Hence, businesses are often seen spending quite generously on hiring the best cleaners and only the most reputable commercial cleaning product suppliers. To be honest, the latter is an excellent reputation building strategy. Keeping the work environment clean and tidy leaves a positive impression on your employees and also the society as a whole. You are looked upon as a responsible and caring corporate that values client and employee health.

However, if not planned and handled correctly, this strategy may cause shockingly soaring expenditure. This is especially true for small-scale businesses. Without a doubt, utilising the best cleaning chemicals is absolutely essential. But the importance of handling these products should also never be ignored. An astute entrepreneur and businessman or woman should understand that every tiny drop that is wasted adds to the mighty ocean. Hence, wastage, theft, and misuse of cleaning chemicals should never be left unattended.

If left unchecked, employees may disregard the importance of these chemicals and waste them. Sooner or later, you will see significant increases in your overhead costs.

Thus, today’s blog will educate our readers regarding the proper handling and storage of cleaning chemicals. The techniques herein will not only save on costs but also streamline your cleaning sessions and make them more efficient.

How To Efficiently Handle Your Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

After the cleaning session, the cleaning staff is habitual of simply stuffing everything in a random cabinet while taking no care of the temperature and other requirements. Resultantly, at the time of the following cleaning session, they either struggle to find the carpet shampoo or realise that the window cleaner does not look in a good condition for some reason.

Let us see how you can avoid all of the above:

1. Delegate The Responsibility To A Single Individual

You are surely familiar with the auditing principles of segregation of duty and isolation of responsibility. Just apply the same principles in the case of your chemical cleaning inventory.

You already have a team overseeing the control of your product inventory. Simply assign an individual from this team to be in charge of the cleaning process and the cleaning inventory itself. Ask them to then formulate a team that will handle the storage, movement, and usage of the cleaning chemicals.

The latter will greatly reduce the risk of wastage and theft.

2. Devote A Single Storage Spot For Storage

Simply choose a least used storage area in your premises and devote it to cleaning chemical storage. However, ensure that the place is well ventilated but away from HVAC systems. Also, make sure the place is not damp or overheated.

3. Do Not Store Cleaning Chemicals Above Eye-level

Trust me; you do not want to witness the horror of a falling hydrochloric acid bottle. You will indeed feel tempted to keep a few bottles on the top shelf to save space, but the risk is not worth taking.

4. Get Appropriate Shelving And Clearly Labelled Storage Boxes

Simply squeezing everything together is not a wise decision. Hence, we suggest that you furnish the storage area with plenty of shelves to store the numerous cleansing products that need frequent use.

Moreover, cleaning supplies are often purchased in bulk. Hence, there will always be plenty of unused cleaning chemicals. For those, simply get a few storage boxes and place appropriate labels on them. Then, store the supplies inside them and seal the boxes so that they are only opened when the need arises.

5. Train The Cleaning Team Regarding Safety Precautions

Remember, these aren’t your typical residential cleaning products. Commercial and industrial cleaning products are more vigorous and sometimes very harsh. A good example of the latter is hydrochloric acid. A slight mishap can reap fatal consequences.

Thus, it is crucial that you train and educate your staff about the safety precautions when handling such chemicals.

6. Keep A Record Of The Cleaning Supplies’ Inventory And its Movements

This point connects closely with the first one. That is, record keeping should be a part of the delegated responsibility. You can either include the costs as part of the miscellaneous expenses or as a separate inventory item. The latter will depend upon the size of the inventory and the organisation as a whole.

How Can Chem International Help?

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning chemical supplier in Edmonton, look no further than Chem International. We provide an array of premium quality, safe, and eco-friendly commercial and industrial cleaning products. Contact us today to learn more.

Aerosols – What Should You Know About Them?

Aerosols – What Should You Know About Them?

Solid or liquid particles that are sprayed in the environment are commonly known as aerosols. All of us come into contact with aerosols often. However, the sprays and particles used in various industries, as well as natural ones, have specific characteristics that can impact us in one way or another. Therefore, the versatility in properties and characteristics makes it important for us to know about them.

The blog below attempts to explain aerosols, their impact on the environment, and some of their daily life applications.

What Are Aerosols?

An aerosol is commonly understood and defined by the Cambridge dictionary: as a container that contains tiny particles suspended in the air under pressure. These particles are released in the form of a spray from a nozzle. Technically speaking, the aerosol is a colloidal suspension where the dispersing medium is gas. The particles can be liquid (mist) or solid (dust, fume).

Although an aerosol gives the impression of a uniform cloud solution, in reality, it is made up of different particles with different dispersion capabilities. Some natural aerosol phenomena include mineral dust, soot, sea salt, and smog.

You should be aware that aerosols are not only used in various industries but are also responsible for many natural and environmental phenomena caused by atmospheric aerosols.

How do Aerosols Impact Our Environment?

Atmospheric aerosols are particles that are suspended in the atmosphere for long periods. They include every particle having a diameter smaller than 10 micrometers, or simply the lighter particles that do not hit the surface and stay suspended in the air for extended periods.

The most common sources of atmospheric aerosols are sea salt particles. Other sources include;

  • Pollen grains; sensitive people can even sense their presence in the air
  • Particles in exhaust gasses from chimneys
  • Dust particles, suspended in the air

The most common misconception is that aerosols only harm our environment. Although to some extent excessive atmospheric aerosols do cause health hazards, studies over the years show that they are playing an important role in minimizing the impact of carbon dioxide in global warming. On the other hand, aerosols or the dust and water droplets in the air are important for cloud formation and maintaining the water cycle of your ecosystem.

However, the excess of dust, gasses, and exhaust from industries result in the formation of heavy convection clouds. These clouds cause intense local rains resulting in local and even urban flooding.

Uses Of Aerosols In Daily Life

Apart from having a profound impact on the environment, they are also widely used in our daily lives. Some of the most eminent aerosol uses are:

Industrial Cleaning Products

Aerosols are the main product for many industrial cleaning products. The main reasons for their popularity are because they have no CPC propellants, are pre-mixed, and do not require extra measurement and care while using them.

At Chem International, we are very particular about the way our cleaners are mixed. Our aerosol cleaners are made with eco-friendly materials, come in recyclable containers, and are labeled in accordance with CCOHS.

Aerosol cleaners have better sticking qualities as compared to liquid cleaners and stay on the surface for longer periods, thus allowing deeper and more efficient cleaning.

Food & Beverage

Believe it or not, aerosols are also commonly used in many food items and beverages. For example, a cooking oil that comes in a spray can, whipped cream, icing sugars, food coloring spray, etc.


Many common commercials, industrial, and household items need aerosols for proper functioning. Cleaning products and air fresheners are top on the list. Other products like anti-static aerosols, pesticides, and herbicides are also widely used.

Moreover, many homeowners now own aerosols spray paints to use in DIY decor and other areas. Aerosol spray cans have become a must in celebrations with festive silly strings and air horns for parties and holidays.

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Chem International is one of the most reliable commercial and industrial cleaning products suppliers in Edmonton, offering eco-friendly cleaning products. We specialize in producing quality cleaning and effective chemical cleaners both in liquid and aerosol form offering great cleaning results. We are the solution to your Fatty Amine and Specialty Surfactant needs.

Our products are suitable for use as raw materials in surfactant and derivative products and a variety of direct applications. Our years of specialty surfactant experience provide a unique understanding of our customer’s needs. If you would like more information about our quality cleaning services and supplies, you can contact us here.

How To Keep Your Hotel Clean And Hygienic

How To Keep Your Hotel Clean And Hygienic

Cleanliness is the first thing people notice when planning to book a hotel because no one wants to stay in a hotel room that is not clean.

So if you want your hotel to provide a good experience to your customers then you will have to maintain it properly by cleaning it with commercial cleaning chemicals.

Cleanliness and hygiene were always a top priority for hotel owners but after the COVID-19 pandemic cleaning practices like handwashing, disinfection and sanitization have also become a ritual within the commercial facilities.

Before the pandemic cleanliness was just for the appearance but now it is to stop the widespread of infection and for the protection of people from germs and viruses.

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Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear to hotel owners that their consumers have made hygiene and cleanliness their first priority they have to be very particular about everything including the products they use.

So, if you own a hotel and want it to do business then you will have to maintain the hygiene of your hotel.

When you maintain cleanliness protocols you can more confidently reassure your clients and guests that their health has been given top priority.

In this blog post, we will talk about how you can keep your hotels hygienic and clean.

Build Trust With Cleanliness

The first thing you need to do is build trust with your cleaning practices. After the pandemic the biggest challenge that hotel owners faced was restoring the trust of their customers.

Every hotel owner has been trying to reassure their clients and customers that they are doing everything possible to keep them healthy and safe.

The best way you can influence a customer is by building their trust in your brand and people will only trust you when they are assured that their health and safety is your top priority.

In order to build the trust of people, you will need to prioritize disinfection, infection prevention and cleaning.

But keep in mind that your goal is not only to retain guests but employees as well so you will have to take the necessary measures to build the trust of your employees.

So the best way to build the trust of your employees is by making strict hygiene and cleaning policies, using the best cleaning chemicals and giving proper cleaning gear to your cleaning staff.

This way your employees will know that your top priority is to protect them and the guests from germs and viruses.

Hotel managers and staff should try their best to build the trust of people and that can be done by assessing whether the cleaning policies and procedures they have adopted are serving their needs or not.

Communicating Cleanliness

It is extremely important that you keep on communicating new and revised cleaning protocols and procedures to both your employees and your guests.

After the pandemic people have become more conscious about their health and safety so the first thing that they will notice in a commercial business is hygiene.

Also, people now want to see proof that public places such as offices, hotels, restaurants, schools and gyms are being cleaned on a regular basis.

Similarly, just like your guests your employees also worry about the level of cleanliness and hygiene at their workplace.

So in order to retain your employees and clients, you will need to vocally communicate your cleanliness standards and procedures.

The best way to communicate your cleanliness policies and standards is by using top-quality cleaning chemicals. This way you will give an impression to your employees and customers that you are not compromising on their safety and health.

Your hotel management should properly communicate all cleanliness standards and protocols to your customers via social media, pamphlets and other means in order to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe while working and visiting your hotel.

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From our deodorizers and cleaners to our lubricants and degreasers to our extensive line of boiler and wastewater management products, we offer a coveted line of specialty products that are safe, efficient, and effective. For more information contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals play a crucial role in cleaning and keeping the environment healthy. Therefore, choosing the right chemical cleaning supplier that can offer you your desired high-quality products at an affordable price is necessary(Link to the blog of How To Choose The Right Chemical Cleaning Supplier?). However, there is some confusion and questions that must be addressed before someone can opt for a cleaning chemical.

Proper cleaning of commercial spaces is essential to prevent the spread of certain diseases, with COVID-19 being one of them. However, knowing which types of cleaning chemicals to use for your commercial or other uses is necessary.

Chem International offers you various chemical cleaning solutions. From industrial chemical cleaning supplies to other types of cleaning and janitorial products, Chem International has got all that you can expect from a cleaning products supplier.

If you have any confusion regarding cleaning chemicals, this blog post might be of great help to you. This blog post addresses some of the common questions about cleaning chemicals.

How Can You Improve The Cleaning Action Of A Solution?

The solution can be made more effective by increasing its temperature. Moreover, ultrasonics and other agitation can also improve the cleaning action of a solution. By increasing the concentration of the solution, you can improve the cleaning action of your solution.

Can Cleaners Be Used On Surfaces That Come Into Contact With Food?

This is one of the most common questions customers ask about the food industry. The answer is yes if the cleaning product is NSF-registered. You can use your cleaning chemicals on food surfaces or food processing machines. NSF registration is a process that evaluates proprietary substances and nonfood compounds intended for use in food processing environments.

However, such chemical cleaners should not directly come in contact with the food items. Thorough cleaning by water should be conducted afterward so that no traces are left behind.

How Do You Choose Between Different Options Of ‘Eco-Labels’?

There are tons of eco-friendly cleaning supplies available in the market, but not all of them will offer you green solutions. There might be some that are not eco-friendly. Therefore, knowing how to choose such products is important.

You must focus on the chemistry and identify safer chemicals. You should be wary of the vague or generic claims on products such as “environmentally friendly,” “eco-safe,” or “green” (also known as “greenwashing”). EPA manages a Safer Choice Program that certifies products that contain safer ingredients for human health and the environment.

Moreover, start by looking at the ingredients and watch out for those harmful to your health. Some of the common chemicals that you should try to avoid are:

  • Ammonia
  • Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl
  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Phthalates
  • Phosphates

You can also consult with those who have used green chemical cleaning products before.

Are Homemade Cleaning Products Effective And Safe?

Some ingredients commonly available at home can be used for cleaning, such as washing soda, vinegar, lemon juice, castile soap, borax, and more. These ingredients can be potentially hazardous for you. For example, borax contains reproductive, developmental, and neurological hazards.

Moreover, such items can be toxic if used in the wrong ways. They are also not as effective as commercial cleaning products. Therefore, you must invest in some better cleaning products that can offer you the results you want in a much safer manner.

What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting?

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes for reducing germs. Cleaning is the process of physically removing dangerous microorganisms and germs by scrubbing the detergents and surfactants on the surface. It removes matter, salts, and soils. Cleaning is a process that is done before the disinfection process. It kills germs on the surface and prevents them from spreading. You can’t disinfect without cleaning the surface.

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Tips To Protect Yourself From Industrial Cleaners

Tips To Protect Yourself From Industrial Cleaners

Every owner wants to have a clean, neat, and nicely maintained business place, warehouse, factory, or manufacturing facility. The use of optimum and professional industrial cleaners is the best way to achieve this target. However, most of us get so accustomed to the use of industrial supplies that we unsee the potential harm they can cause to those who deal with them and breathe them in.

One can not deny the importance and benefits of using specialized industrial cleaners to clean business places. They clean stubborn stains, grease, oil spills, and kill the germs and bacteria. Hence making the place worthy of working and staying in. However, we should not overlook the side effects and negative consequences of over-exposure to such chemicals.

The following blog provides detailed tips on how you can protect yourself from the negative effects of industrial cleaners.

Buy High-Quality Cleaning Products

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of harsh cleaning chemicals is to buy good and high-quality cleaning products. These products have an optimum ratio of chemicals and correct proportions of formulas, making them less risky and harmful.

Choosing a trusted and experienced industrial cleaner provider is important. Chem international is a one-stop shop for residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning supplies in Edmonton.

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Identify The Bad Chemicals

Industrial cleaners are divided into two broad categories of water-based cleaners and solvent-based cleaners, based on the chemicals they come with and their composition. Some of these chemicals are on the gentle action side and provide good cleaning results and are not harsh on your skin and surfaces. On the other hand, there are some hardcore industrial cleaning products that are used to clean tough stains and stubborn grease that have harsh chemicals and can induce severe allergic reactions, damage skin, cause respiratory tract irritation, and other breathing problems.

Therefore, it is important to identify the bad and good chemicals based on their line of action. Some of the chemicals that have strong bleaching properties when mixed with vinegar can produce toxic gasses causing workplace fatalities.

Other chemicals used in industrial cleaners that you should be cautious of include:

  • Chloroform
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ammonia
  • Diethanolamine
  • Triethanolamine
  • Chlorine

Store In The Right Place

Good industrial cleaners will come with a proper guide page and detailed instructions about the safe use and storage of the chemicals. Always follow the instructions written on the user manual and store the chemicals in a secure place and in the correct containers.

Safe storage of strong industrial chemicals not only increases the shelf-life of these products but also saves you and your employees from the dangerous fumes and particles they release.

Generally, industrial cleaners should be kept in a clean and dry place. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated and that the chemicals are not approachable by unauthorized individuals. Always keep the chemicals away from the AC and other HVAC machines.

Wear PPE

Personal protective equipment includes gloves, special shoes, glasses, and other protective clothing that are important to protect you from harmful splashings, and accidental chemical spills whenever using industrial cleaners. These chemicals contain compounds that can cause serious allergic reactions, burns, and inflammations. Therefore, it is important to wear PPE whenever you use industrial cleaning chemicals.

Install Signs

Installing signs near the chemical storage area and other places to remind everyone about the safe use and handling of industrial chemicals is the best way to reduce accidents and spillage.

About Us

Chem International is one of the most reliable commercial cleaning suppliers in Edmonton, offering safe and carefully composed cleaning products. We specialize in producing quality cleaning and effective chemical cleaners offering great cleaning results. We are the solution to your Fatty Amine and Specialty Surfactant needs.

Our wide range of industrial cleaners with various bases allows you to choose the cleaner that best suits your needs and get the most value for your money. Our years of experience in providing quality cleaning products and services have enabled us to provide better and more customer-centered services and products. If you would like more information about our quality cleaning services and supplies, you can contact us here.

Different Types Of Industrial Cleaners And Their Uses

Different Types Of Industrial Cleaners And Their Uses

To keep your industrial equipment and surfaces in top-notch condition you need to use authentic industrial cleaning supplies.

Therefore there are authentic suppliers who have industrial cleaning supplies and other commercial cleaning chemicals that are scientifically formulated to deliver the best performance.

Using authentic industrial cleaners has many benefits such as it increases the speed and efficiency of many maintenance and cleaning activities.

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As compared to regular cleaning supplies the attested industrial cleaners offer superior cleaning performance and are capable of large-scale and heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

These industrial cleaning supplies include products like sanitizers, detergents, disinfectants, solvent cleaners, descalers, shower head cleaners, oil dispersants, ventilation biocides, quick break self-emulsifying cleaners, and many more.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the different types of industrial cleaning supplies and their uses.

Heavy-Duty Detergents

Industrial-grade heavy-duty detergents are typically made of an alkaline powder that is used to remove grease, oil, rust, paint, and carbon from industrial equipment and surfaces.

Heavy-duty industrial detergents are an advanced cleaning product that has a detergent type action in which it penetrates surface film and mechanically lifts the deposits from the underlying material, then it breaks the deposits and disperses them into the body of the solution.

However, as the cleaning operation of this heavy-duty detergent is a surface action, it ceases as soon as the base material is clean, which eliminates the risk of pitting or dissolution of the base metal.

But keep in mind that you should only buy heavy-duty detergents from authentic cleaning chemical suppliers.

Solvent Cleaners

Solvent cleaners usually consist of a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent that is approved for safe use in the working environment.

So the biggest advantage of using solvent industrial cleaners is that they do not harm the environment.

Hence it is important then when you buy your industrial cleaners you look for ones that are safe for the environment and do not contain any ozone-depleting solvents.

Another advantage of using solvent-based industrial cleaners is that they offer good compatibility and do not adversely affect painted or plastic surfaces.

Solvent industrial cleaners can be used by brushing, spraying, and wiping onto the surface and then removing them with a disposable wiper or an absorbent lint-free cloth.

They are widely used for cleaning equipment in industries and commercial buildings.

General Purpose Cleaner

General-purpose cleaners are less intense than their heavy-duty counterparts as they are specifically formulated with grease-killing compounds and oil dispersants.

These general-purpose cleaners have a wide range of applications in fields such as aviation, municipal application, oil field, and marine.

This makes them suitable for many industrial surfaces, especially for fire risk areas and surfaces.

Also, keep in mind that to get the best cleaning results you need to make sure that you are using a genuine general purpose cleaner.

And it is advisable that you should always go for industrial cleaners that are free from caustic alkali and are biologically degradable.

Scale Remover

Industrial-scale removers are scientifically formulated to clean metals efficiently without causing any excessive corrosion.

These scale removers are formulated from a blend of wetting agents and citric acid.

This industrial cleaner is often used to remove copper and iron oxides from boilers and heat exchangers. These scale removers are used in various doses depending on the type and amount of deposit in the system.

Scale removers are used in commercial buildings and industries to remove the grease and oil deposits from heavy machinery.

About Chem International

Chem International is one of the most reliable commercial cleaning suppliers in Edmonton, offering eco-friendly cleaning products. We specialize in producing quality cleaning and effective chemical cleaners offering great cleaning results. We are the solution to your Fatty Amine and Specialty Surfactant needs.

Our products are suitable for use as raw materials in surfactant and derivative products and a variety of direct applications. Our years of specialty surfactant experience provide a unique understanding of our customer’s needs. If you would like more information about our quality cleaning services and supplies, you can contact us here.

Benefits Of Buying Chemical Cleaning Products In Bulk

Benefits Of Buying Chemical Cleaning Products In Bulk

Who doesn’t like a clean home, commercial space, and squeaky clean appliances? All this is made possible by investing in quality cleaning chemicals.

Chemical cleaners and industrial degreasers play an essential role in keeping our environment clean and free of germs. Whether it is your home or a factory, keeping your area clean has become more necessary than ever. The government has imposed safety rules and COVID restrictions, making it mandatory for everyone to follow cleaning-related precautions.

In such times, we see many people buying cleaning products in bulk. Purchasing cleaners and industrial chemical supplies in bulk offers numerous benefits in terms of cost-saving and availability. You become free from the stress of going to the market every week or month. This blog post mentions the top benefits of buying chemical cleaning products in bulk.

It Helps You Save Money

This is a primary advantage of buying cleaning supplies in bulk. Buying in bulk helps you save money in the long run. When you buy in bulk, the price of a per-unit product is reduced, which significantly reduces the overall cost on your bill.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay for individual product packaging. All products are packed in a single packaging that also has an impact on the final cost.

Not only can you reduce the cost, but you can also reduce waste generation. When one package is used to pack all the cleaning supplies, it reduces waste. Therefore, if you buy janitorial products in bulk, you can save quite a bit of money which you can spend on some other useful items.

You Save Time

You don’t only save money when you buy chemical cleaning supplies in bulk but also save time. You won’t have to go to the store as often to buy one or two cleaning products. Instead, buying in bulk and storing them in your home or factory can help you use them whenever you want without having to go to the store again and again.

For example, if your janitorial supplies go out of stock, you will be paying your janitorial staff for nothing as they will wait for you to supply them with the cleaning products. This means that much of your time and money will be wasted. However, having a stock of all your cleaning products ready will prevent you from going to the store and wasting your time and money.

You Are Prepared For Any Emergency

Cleaning emergencies happen all the time. What if something of the sort happens at your house or in your factory? Are you prepared for it? Our guess is you are not. Hence, if you purchase your cleaning products in bulk, you will be able to store some for emergencies.

In addition to this, have you taken into consideration situations where stores or warehouses might have to go into lockdown? Let’s not forget last year when COVID-induced restrictions forced super markets and warehouses to go into lockdown. In situations like these, it is always difficult to get your hands on products such as cleaning supplies.

Thus, in a world where emergencies and unprecedented situations are a norm, it is better to buy cleaning products and supplies in bulk. This will not only help save your time and money, but will also save you a lot of effort.

You Can Earn Discounts

Many cleaning products suppliers offer discounts and other benefits if you buy from them in bulk. The suppliers give discounts on your purchase and sometimes give coupons that you can use on your next purchase. They may also offer some items for free with the purchase of certain items. For example, if you buy two bottles of disinfectant, you can get two tissue rolls for free. Thus, you can save money by earning discounts and offers.

You Save The Environment

Since less packaging is required to pack bulk items, you reduce waste as well. Many plastic wraps contribute to the poor health of our environment. Therefore, you should play your role in reducing such negative impacts if you can. Buying in bulk also means that there will be fewer visits to the store adding to fuel conservation.

About Chem International

Chem International supplies primary, secondary, and tertiary fatty-based amines to surfactant producers and industrial users. Our products are suitable for use as raw materials in surfactant and derivative production and a variety of direct applications. If you would like to buy your cleaning supplies in bulk order now. Contact us here for further information.

Shocking Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning

Shocking Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning

Cleanliness is something most of us are taught about since adolescence. Even a 6-year-old kid could tell you the importance of good household and personal hygiene. In fact, an understanding of the latter is what sets us apart from other living creatures. While most animals rely on mother nature to take care of their hygiene, human beings are the only organisms fully capable of maintaining good health.

But, the aforementioned are renowned common facts. Today’s blog aims to explore a few uncommon yet fun facts about commercial cleaning. Of course, cleaning and fun often do not cross paths but this post will certainly go against the norms.

So, how about we take a quick spin into a sanitized realm of intriguing commercial cleaning facts.

Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning has always been an important role player in setting a company’s reputation in the industry. However, it gained more importance after the sudden Covid19 outbreak in 2020. What used to be a part of a routine inspection now turned into an obligation.

Apparently, this virus pushed even the most negligent companies to pay attention to their workspace hygiene. Resultantly worldwide awareness about the subject has shown prominent improvement within the past two years.

While you might think you know all there is to know about commercial cleaning, we think the undermentioned facts will leave you in awe.

1. Household Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning Are Very Different

Yes, you read that right. You might ask, “what’s the big difference?” Truly speaking, there is quite a huge difference between the two. While household cleaning involves the cleansing of residential spaces, commercial cleaning is about maintaining the hygiene of offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

Moreover, even the chemicals utilized during the process differ. For example, factories often require the use of strong degreasers which are not commonly used domestically.

2. Commercial Cleaning Companies Are Increasingly Focusing On Eco-friendly Product Manufactures

Undeniably, corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every company’s operations. As a result, almost every company has switched to eco-friendly product manufacturing.

To this end, companies have worked hard to devise new, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly production processes.

3. The Cleanest Country In The World Is Denmark

Every year, numerous authorities conduct a range of studies and surveys on worldwide hygienic facts. Yale University in collaboration with The World Economic Forum conducted research in 2020. According to the results, Denmark is the cleanest amongst the 180 countries. Consequently, the country’s workplaces are also the most pristine globally.

4. Liberia Ranks Last In The Above-Mentioned Study

Sadly, Liberia’s population is the least fortunate in terms of hygiene. Resultantly, even the country’s workspaces do not have very appealing working conditions. So, if you were planning to work there, maybe you should give your decision a second thought.

5. A Shocking 98% Of People Fall Victim To A Contagious Disease As A Result Of Bad Office Hygiene

We are all aware that contracting contagious diseases is a normal thing but no one would have expected the statistics to be so drastic. This probably explains why governments deemed it necessary to enforce work from home orders despite many company’s pleading requests to not do so.

6. Commercial Cleaning Is A Flourishing Industry

Due to the increased health consciousness in the general public, every company raced to demonstrate the importance they give to public health and hygiene. Resultantly, the commercial cleaning industry saw exponential growth, especially after the Covid 19 outbreak.

7. You Need To Leave A Cleaning Product On A Surface For At Least 30 To 60 Seconds Before Scrubbing It Off

How many of you knew that? Maybe everyone did, but how many of you practice that? Not abiding by the above time limit will mean that harmful bacteria is left unattended on office surfaces and may lead to the spread of illnesses amongst the workforce.

From a commercial cleaning point of view, this fact should open your eyes to the efficiency of the cleaners responsible for your workplace. Keep an eye on them and see whether they are doing things the right way.

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How To Care For Your Septic System?

How To Care For Your Septic System?

Septic cleaning is not a complicated process and is not an expensive activity. Septic upkeep becomes even simpler and easier when you ensure the following:

  • Inspect and pump frequently
  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Maintain your drain field
  • Use water efficiently

Inspect And Pump Frequently

A typical domestic septic system should be inspected every three years by a professional septic service provider. A household septic tank is usually pumped every three years. However, alternative systems with pumps, electrical float switches, and mechanical components should be pumped more frequently, preferably every year. You can delay the septic services by flushing and using quality water lagoon products during the two services.

The following four aspects impact septic pumping the most:

  • Total wastewater generated
  • Household size
  • Septic tank size
  • The volume of solids in the wastewater

When you call a service provider he or she will check your septic tank for leaks and examine the scum and sludge layer in your septic tank. Make sure you keep maintenance records.

Your septic tank consists of a T-shaped outlet that prevents the scum or sludge from flowing back into the drain field area.

If the bottom of the sludge layer is within six inches of the bottom of the tank or if the upper layer of sludge is 12 inches from the bottom of the septic tank, your tank needs to be pumped.

To keep track of when to pump out your septic tank, note down the scum level found by the septic tank professional. Make sure that the service provider notes the repairs completed and the condition of your septic tank in your system’s service report.

Use Water Efficiently

The average indoor water usage by a single-family is estimated to be 70 gallons per person per day. Even a small leaking faucet or toilet can waste up to 200 gallons per day.

All the water that goes down the pipes in your household winds up in the septic tank. The more water you conserve, the less water will enter your septic tank. Hence, efficient water use enhances the septic tank’s operation and reduces the chances of its failure.

Some of the simple ways you can save water are:

High-efficiency toilets

Toilet use accounts for 20 to 30 percent of total household water usage. Many older homes have toilets with a 3-3.5 gallons reservoir. While modern toilets have 1.6 gallons of water pump per flush. Replacing your toilets with high-efficiency toilets can save a lot of extra water from going down the pipes to the septic tank.

Use Faucet Aerators And High-Efficiency Showerheads

Shower flow restrictors, faucet aerators, and high-efficiency showerheads help reduce water use and reduce the amount of water entering your septic tank.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Whether you flush it, ground it in the garbage disposal tank, pour it down the sink, or shower, everything that goes down your drain ends up in your septic tank. Everything that goes down the drain impacts the efficiency of your septic system.

Toilets Aren’t Trash Cans

To avoid septic system problems remember that your toilet is not a trash can. As a rule of thumb never flush anything except toilet paper and human waste. Use quality cleaning products and avoid flushing the following items:

  • Dental floss
  • Cooking grease or oil
  • Non-flushable wipes such as baby wipes or face sheet masks
  • Cat litter
  • Photographics solutions
  • Diapers
  • Cigarette butts
  • Coffee grounds
  • Paper towels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household chemicals like gasoline antifreeze, paint thinner, or paints
  • Feminine hygiene products

Maintain Your Drain field

A drain field is the component of your septic tank that removes the contaminants from the liquid emerging from the septic tank. Pay special attention to maintaining it to avoid plantations and parking on the drain field.

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