How To Make Adequate Cleaning A Part Of Your Company Culture

February 24, 2022

How To Make Adequate Cleaning A Part Of Your Company Culture

Clearly, numerous factors act as determinants of a company’s image and reputation in the eyes of its employees and society at large. Many businesses fail to acknowledge that information and awareness have considerably changed the business realm. People nowadays have become more enlightened and understand their rights in a workspace. Hence, if a company decides to act ignorant and pay minimal attention to employee health and safety, its demise is inevitable.

On the other hand, the smarter businesses realise the importance of the matter swiftly and are seen spending generously on employee well-being. These companies invest an ample amount of time and money in brainstorming the best cleaning and employee health policies, designing appropriate cleaning schedules and techniques, and selecting only the best cleaning products. This endeavour makes them stand out amongst their competitors and build a distinct image as a responsible employer.

The thing is, businesses should understand that the era in which employees quietly underwent everything an employer imposed on them is gone. Today, employee health and safety is regulated by government authorities like the Canadian Centre For Occupational Health And Safety.

Nevertheless, we do not want to imply that you should only spend on adequate cleaning just because the matter is monitored by the government now. What we mean is that it is about time businesses wholeheartedly acknowledge the rights of their employees and incorporate adequate cleanliness of the workspace as part of their company culture.

Indeed, the above will be a worthwhile investment and will pay off well.

As providers of the best cleaning products in Edmonton and its surrounding areas, we shall use this blog to educate our readers about how to incorporate workspace cleanliness as a part of their company culture.

The Importance Of Incorporating Cleanliness In A Company’s Culture

Workspace cleanliness is now an obligation rather than a necessity. However, firms do not wholeheartedly invest in it. But you will be surprised to learn that investing in cleanliness can pay off in ways you won’t have even imagined.

Here is why you should invest in workspace cleanliness:

  1. It raises employee morale as the workforce perceives an employer to be compassionate towards their well-being.
  2. The increased employee morale, in turn, increases productivity and loyalty.
  3. Satisfied employees act as advocates for a company and boost a company’s reputation in society.
  4. Adequate adherence to occupational safety regulations diminishes the risks of litigations, penalties or any such losses.
  5. Adequate cleaning preserves the useful life of your machinery and equipment. Hence, a company saves a lot on maintenance, repair, and replacement.
  6. All these, in combination, create a positive image for the company which appeals to both new and existing customers. Consequently, the company enjoys an unbreakable chain of loyal customers.

Steps To Incorporate Workspace Cleanliness In Company Culture

1. Raise Awareness Amongst Employees Regarding The Subject

Although every human understands the importance of good hygiene, we rarely practice it unless something or someone pushes us to do so. Hence, the first step is to show your employees how vital workspace cleanliness is for them. Doing so will not only educate your employees about the subject but also make them realise that you care for them.

2. Set A Good Example

Encouraging and thoughtful words are of no use if their manifestation is not evident. Employees usually follow the example their seniors set for them. Hence, senior management should demonstrate that they are abiding by the health and hygiene policies so that employees are encouraged to follow in their footprints.

3. Determine The Cleaning Requirements Of Your Workspace

Now it is time for some action. The next step is to determine the nature of the activities that occur on your premises. This step is important so that the appropriate cleaning policies may be laid down. For example, if you are in a factory setting, you will regularly need deep cleaning sessions.

4. Invest In The Right Equipment And Cleaning Products

This step is important as it will directly affect your endeavour’s results. As per your cleaning needs identified above, purchase the right cleaning equipment and invest in high-quality cleaning products.

5. Delegate The Responsibility To A Dedicated Team

Hold different people accountable for the various tasks and activities in the cleaning process and ask them to report their progress regularly. The latter will completely rid your cleaning process of negligence and laziness.

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