Aerosols – What Should You Know About Them?

February 10, 2022

Aerosols – What Should You Know About Them?

Solid or liquid particles that are sprayed in the environment are commonly known as aerosols. All of us come into contact with aerosols often. However, the sprays and particles used in various industries, as well as natural ones, have specific characteristics that can impact us in one way or another. Therefore, the versatility in properties and characteristics makes it important for us to know about them.

The blog below attempts to explain aerosols, their impact on the environment, and some of their daily life applications.

What Are Aerosols?

An aerosol is commonly understood and defined by the Cambridge dictionary: as a container that contains tiny particles suspended in the air under pressure. These particles are released in the form of a spray from a nozzle. Technically speaking, the aerosol is a colloidal suspension where the dispersing medium is gas. The particles can be liquid (mist) or solid (dust, fume).

Although an aerosol gives the impression of a uniform cloud solution, in reality, it is made up of different particles with different dispersion capabilities. Some natural aerosol phenomena include mineral dust, soot, sea salt, and smog.

You should be aware that aerosols are not only used in various industries but are also responsible for many natural and environmental phenomena caused by atmospheric aerosols.

How do Aerosols Impact Our Environment?

Atmospheric aerosols are particles that are suspended in the atmosphere for long periods. They include every particle having a diameter smaller than 10 micrometers, or simply the lighter particles that do not hit the surface and stay suspended in the air for extended periods.

The most common sources of atmospheric aerosols are sea salt particles. Other sources include;

  • Pollen grains; sensitive people can even sense their presence in the air
  • Particles in exhaust gasses from chimneys
  • Dust particles, suspended in the air

The most common misconception is that aerosols only harm our environment. Although to some extent excessive atmospheric aerosols do cause health hazards, studies over the years show that they are playing an important role in minimizing the impact of carbon dioxide in global warming. On the other hand, aerosols or the dust and water droplets in the air are important for cloud formation and maintaining the water cycle of your ecosystem.

However, the excess of dust, gasses, and exhaust from industries result in the formation of heavy convection clouds. These clouds cause intense local rains resulting in local and even urban flooding.

Uses Of Aerosols In Daily Life

Apart from having a profound impact on the environment, they are also widely used in our daily lives. Some of the most eminent aerosol uses are:

Industrial Cleaning Products

Aerosols are the main product for many industrial cleaning products. The main reasons for their popularity are because they have no CPC propellants, are pre-mixed, and do not require extra measurement and care while using them.

At Chem International, we are very particular about the way our cleaners are mixed. Our aerosol cleaners are made with eco-friendly materials, come in recyclable containers, and are labeled in accordance with CCOHS.

Aerosol cleaners have better sticking qualities as compared to liquid cleaners and stay on the surface for longer periods, thus allowing deeper and more efficient cleaning.

Food & Beverage

Believe it or not, aerosols are also commonly used in many food items and beverages. For example, a cooking oil that comes in a spray can, whipped cream, icing sugars, food coloring spray, etc.


Many common commercials, industrial, and household items need aerosols for proper functioning. Cleaning products and air fresheners are top on the list. Other products like anti-static aerosols, pesticides, and herbicides are also widely used.

Moreover, many homeowners now own aerosols spray paints to use in DIY decor and other areas. Aerosol spray cans have become a must in celebrations with festive silly strings and air horns for parties and holidays.

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