Chem International: Your Go-To Partner For Cleaning Supplies

October 15, 2021

Chem International: Your Go-To Partner For Cleaning Supplies

Industrial cleaning and maintenance tasks are tiresome, time-consuming, and hectic. Performing a thorough cleaning but not gaining the required results is frustrating. Most of the time, bad cleaning results are due to substandard and wrongly used cleaning chemicals or products. To save yourself from experiencing all this, make sure that you get your hands on quality cleaning products.

Not all chemicals are made equally and are suitable for cleaning all surfaces. Therefore, you need to depend on someone who has deep chemical knowledge and can provide you with the best fit for your requirements. Chem International with its decades-long company legacy of providing high-quality products and unrivaled customer service has got you covered when it comes to cleaning products.

Chem International started with the entrepreneurial skills of an enthusiastic individual, now 30 years later the company serves over 3000 clients across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We at Chem International are proud of our proven leadership in the industrial and household cleaning products industry. We aim to continue to provide our clients with quality cleaning products and keep up with our quality customer service.

Why Choose Us?

We have built our reputation in the industrial cleaning and maintenance industry based on the quality and efficiency of our cleaning products. We aim to provide our clients with products that give them pure satisfaction and the best results for the hard work that they put into cleaning their facility. Our product description and manufacturing guides explain all the important information you need to know about our products. This provides our customers with the chance to better understand the product’s composition and use them only on suitable surfaces.

Hence, by choosing Chem International, you not only get your hands on high-quality cleaning products that fight all the stains, grease, and germs you may encounter but also are ensuring damage-free cleaning for your office, home, or other commercial and industrial facilities.

What Do We Offer?

Chem International offers a wide range of cleaning products, from deodorizers and cleaners to degreasers and lubricants. Our product range is divided into four major categories namely:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Industrial Aerosols
  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance
  • Lagoon and wastewater

Commercial Cleaning

This category includes our wide collection of household cleaning products including sanitizers, cleaners, degreasers, and disinfectants. Some of the featured products of this category include:

  • CI Stainless
  • CI Lemon Tree
  • CI Cherry Delight
  • CI Blast

Industrial Aerosols

This category includes a wide range of industrial and multi-purpose aerosols for your cleaning arsenal. Some featured products of this category are:

  • CI Super Orange
  • CI Loose All
  • CI Brake Clean

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

This category includes a vast collection of degreasers and cleaners to fight and win against heavy-duty grease and grime. Some featured products of this category include:

  • CI Quad
  • CI Chemox
  • CI Coilex

Lagoon & Wastewater

This category provides a wide range of effective microbial solutions for various industries and microbial systems. Some of the featured products of this category are:

  • CI Sludge Shark
  • CI Digester
  • CI Grease D Solve Plus

Contact Us

Need help in selecting and buying the perfect chemical cleaning supplies for your facility? Contact us or visit our website and simply leave us a query and we will get back to you at the earliest possible time.