Shocking Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning

December 22, 2021

Shocking Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning

Cleanliness is something most of us are taught about since adolescence. Even a 6-year-old kid could tell you the importance of good household and personal hygiene. In fact, an understanding of the latter is what sets us apart from other living creatures. While most animals rely on mother nature to take care of their hygiene, human beings are the only organisms fully capable of maintaining good health.

But, the aforementioned are renowned common facts. Today’s blog aims to explore a few uncommon yet fun facts about commercial cleaning. Of course, cleaning and fun often do not cross paths but this post will certainly go against the norms.

So, how about we take a quick spin into a sanitized realm of intriguing commercial cleaning facts.

Fun Facts About Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning has always been an important role player in setting a company’s reputation in the industry. However, it gained more importance after the sudden Covid19 outbreak in 2020. What used to be a part of a routine inspection now turned into an obligation.

Apparently, this virus pushed even the most negligent companies to pay attention to their workspace hygiene. Resultantly worldwide awareness about the subject has shown prominent improvement within the past two years.

While you might think you know all there is to know about commercial cleaning, we think the undermentioned facts will leave you in awe.

1. Household Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning Are Very Different

Yes, you read that right. You might ask, “what’s the big difference?” Truly speaking, there is quite a huge difference between the two. While household cleaning involves the cleansing of residential spaces, commercial cleaning is about maintaining the hygiene of offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

Moreover, even the chemicals utilized during the process differ. For example, factories often require the use of strong degreasers which are not commonly used domestically.

2. Commercial Cleaning Companies Are Increasingly Focusing On Eco-friendly Product Manufactures

Undeniably, corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every company’s operations. As a result, almost every company has switched to eco-friendly product manufacturing.

To this end, companies have worked hard to devise new, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly production processes.

3. The Cleanest Country In The World Is Denmark

Every year, numerous authorities conduct a range of studies and surveys on worldwide hygienic facts. Yale University in collaboration with The World Economic Forum conducted research in 2020. According to the results, Denmark is the cleanest amongst the 180 countries. Consequently, the country’s workplaces are also the most pristine globally.

4. Liberia Ranks Last In The Above-Mentioned Study

Sadly, Liberia’s population is the least fortunate in terms of hygiene. Resultantly, even the country’s workspaces do not have very appealing working conditions. So, if you were planning to work there, maybe you should give your decision a second thought.

5. A Shocking 98% Of People Fall Victim To A Contagious Disease As A Result Of Bad Office Hygiene

We are all aware that contracting contagious diseases is a normal thing but no one would have expected the statistics to be so drastic. This probably explains why governments deemed it necessary to enforce work from home orders despite many company’s pleading requests to not do so.

6. Commercial Cleaning Is A Flourishing Industry

Due to the increased health consciousness in the general public, every company raced to demonstrate the importance they give to public health and hygiene. Resultantly, the commercial cleaning industry saw exponential growth, especially after the Covid 19 outbreak.

7. You Need To Leave A Cleaning Product On A Surface For At Least 30 To 60 Seconds Before Scrubbing It Off

How many of you knew that? Maybe everyone did, but how many of you practice that? Not abiding by the above time limit will mean that harmful bacteria is left unattended on office surfaces and may lead to the spread of illnesses amongst the workforce.

From a commercial cleaning point of view, this fact should open your eyes to the efficiency of the cleaners responsible for your workplace. Keep an eye on them and see whether they are doing things the right way.

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