Useful Tips To Help You Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

November 17, 2021

Useful Tips To Help You Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is an important part of your daily routine and is necessary to maintain your health. However, lack of proper cleaning supplies can make the cleaning process tedious and frustrating. The whole process is much more stressful when you can’t find the necessary tools and equipment to do the job. Having your cleaning supplies organized properly is important so you can use whatever you want without wasting your time searching for the product.

If you are a clean freak, you would know how annoying it is when things are unorganized and not cleaned properly. Having access to cleaning supplies when you need them is critical. Therefore, you must know how to organize them so that you can get what you want instantly. This blog post mentions some useful tips that might help you organize your cleaning supplies.

Get Rid Of The Things You Don’t Use

The first step in organizing things is to get rid of the tools and equipment that you no longer use. Identify the cleaning supplies you will use the most and keep them in a more accessible place. For most cleaning tasks, these are the items that you need:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Scrub brush
  • Duster
  • Vacuum
  • Spray bottle
  • Broom
  • Mild abrasive
  • Toilet brush
  • Mop
  • An all-purpose cleaner
  • Rubber gloves

Therefore, you need to keep these items easily accessible and properly organized.

Use A Rolling Cart

If you know that you will be cleaning different rooms on a particular day and might need to use different cleaning supplies from room to room, it is better to put them on a rolling cart. A rolling cart is portable, making it easier for you to take the supplies from room to room easily. Instead of having to make multiple trips to gather your essentials, you can take them all at once.

Use A Shoe Holder

Although shoe holders are designed for shoes, they have proved to be a good way to organize cleaning supplies. You can use this holder to keep cleaner bottles and hand brushes. It can also help to free up some shelf space in an already-cramped linen closet.

Hang Your Mops And Brooms

Mops and brooms are hard to keep, especially when they are in use. They are wet, and keeping them on the floor can make it messy and deform the structure of the broom and the mop. Therefore, it is better to keep them in a place where they can air dry and remain clean without creating a wet mess. It is advised that you install some strong hooks on the wall and hang them there. This way, they won’t collect any dirt from the floor, and you can access them whenever you need.

Organize By Category

Organizing your cleaning supplies by their type and category makes it easy to access them when you want. For example, if you are organizing your cleaning supplies, there are different items such as floor cleaners, glint, janitorial items, brooms, gloves, brushes, lubricants, and more.

Therefore, knowing their type and keeping the same type of things together can ease up the process to a greater extent as you will know where to find that type of item. This process is particularly helpful when you have to clean larger areas with many rooms.

Other Items Which You Can Use To Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

There are several types of organization products available in the market. These can help you keep your cleaning supplies properly organized. Commonly used organization products include:

  • Pegboard
  • Dowel storage
  • Towel rod
  • Grommets
  • Chore baskets
  • DIY shelves

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